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Student Enrollment By Level (as of tenth day of Fall Semester)

Data Sources:
Prior to Fall 2010 - University Registrar's Student Datamart
Since Fall 2010 - ConnectCarolina Census Instance
Student Headcount for Undergraduate, Graduate Master's, Graduate Doctoral, Professional, Non-Degree Undergraduate and Non-Degree Graduate/Professional Students
Captured at the end of the tenth day of class of each fall semester.
Reporting period covers 2001-2021
Inter-Institutional Visitors. In 2006 visiting Inter-Institutional graduate students appear in the headcounts and FTEs.
In 2007 visiting students (Inter-Institutional undergraduate students) are also counted.
Prior to Fall 2010 - Students registered for distance education or continuing studies are counted in Off-Campus Studies or Continuing Studies rather than in the college of the student's major.